4 March 2022 20:00

"Fioretti verhalen op muziek" * 

Spanbroekerweg 37 Spanbroek

the Netherlands

11 April 2022 20:00

Meditative concert in the Eastern week

With Miranda Driessen

La Verna City monastery Derkinderenstraat 82


tickets: laverna@franciscanen.nl

more info (in Dutch) https://www.minderbroedersfranciscanen.net/2022/03/03/meditatief-concert-rond-het-agnus-dei/

24 September 2022 18:30

Prof Russolo présente 

" La Jeunesse, l'Ange et le Chien"


31 Place Kléber France


*MUSO, bass clarinetist and Rob Hoogenboom, Fransiscan, tell stories of Franciscus about life direction, cohesiveness with creation and coping with suffering. Rob tells the stories in Dutch. MUSO takes you to the deeper layers in these stories. His sounds touch and fulfill the soul in us."

​Bookings at: laverna@franciscanen.nl