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"The music of MUSO conjures various images. It can be dark like a foggy forrest or it can convey the movement of water emerging from the deep bottom of the sea.

His sounds touch and fulfill the soul in us."

- Nyosho Jin, Shakuhachi master


-" In the music of MUSO (Frans Moussault) we hear elusive sounds and colours moulding together -constantly changing without beginnings or ends.

We hear silence in all its wonder, awesomeness and depth.

We hear movement, emerging and receding as the waves of the sea.

From the fringe we can listen and look into and beyond the depths of perception, impression and thought"

Brian Pollard, former solo bassoonist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra



Frans Moussault / MUSO (1969) born in Naarden studied clarinet and bass clarinet with Piet Honingh, Brian Pollard, Harry Sparnaaij, Alain Damiens and Giora Feidman. 

He studied meditative music with Nyosho Jin and Riley Lee.

He played with a.o. the BBC Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, The ASKO Ensemble and Chris Hinze.

His musical horizon was set after he heard a Zen Shakuhachi at the Conservatory of Amsterdam in his first year of studying there.


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